Our R&D strategy focuses on innovation in technology, processes, production and organizational systems. Aside from the latest technology equipment, some of our investments are spread in the following key areas: training and setting new skill sets, creating new models of cooperation with different cooperating entities, transforming Ideas into products, and diversification of supply and progression in the value chain.


Integrated Platform for the Emerging Technologies Applied to Tools – Mould

In a consortium made up of business promoters and a SCTN co-promoter, the iCAD project aimed at developing a sophisticated module integrated in SIEMENS SolidEdge CAD software to support the growing challenges of the mould making and special tools industry.
Intended for mould design activities, iCAD focused on the emerging areas of “Engineering & Tooling”, whose more technological matrix complements the traditional matrix of the sector. Thus, iCAD has responded to the specific needs of some technological margins in the area of moulds for which there were not yet properly customized platforms such as the medical, micro-manufacturing and large-scale moulds for high-performance composite materials.


Tooling EDGE

High Performance Sustainable Production

The driving project Tooling Edge, added around common goals, several SCT entities and companies, materializing an essential component of the strategy defined for the Competitiveness & Engineering Tooling pole.
All research and development activities of this project aimed to develop the knowledge to empower and position the E&T industry to a new level, able to provide competitively new business sectors such as aeronautics and the medical field.


New Design, Materials and Moulding Tecnologies for Functional Integration and Weight Reduction in Automotive Components.

The HybridTec project aimed at the design and development of new technological approaches to production, based on an innovative product associated with the horizontal support structure of the front seat of a car. Through the use of hybrid material solutions and innovative processing technologies to integrate components and functions into a single structure, this development is focused on reducing the average weight of the structures currently used, coupled with a better weight/performance ratio.



Advanced Hybrid (Roto)Moulding System of Material Composites

The BIGTECH project aimed at the development of a prototype system/equipment for flexible manufacturing of high performance composite products, based on a hybrid extrusion and rotomoulding process, for high value industries, following three strategic guidelines:
  • Functional, high performance components for the automotive industry;
  • Electricity industry multi-cavity components;
  • Aesthetic-functional components for the furniture / urban lighting industry.


Advanced Manufacturing of Large Technical Prototypes

The BIGPROTO R&D project developed materials, equipment and technologies that allowed the manufacture of prototypes and small series of large plastic parts by Nylon RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding). Prototype equipment, one on a laboratory scale and the other on an industrial scale, was designed to mix the monomer with the catalysts, activators and other additives and to inject the resulting formulations into prototype moulds. BIGPROTO included three major areas of scientific/technological development:
  • Development of Nylon RIM technology (materials and equipments)
  • Large Nylon RIM moulds design
  • Large masters and moulds manufacturing for Nylon RIM


Innovation in Rotomoulding Materials and Technologies

The RoTMI project aims to develop technology and materials for the Portuguese Plastics Rotomoulding industry, suitable for the production of highly rigid and lightweight foamed parts.
Flexible manufacturing of products with differentiated textures from a single mould and the use of eco-sustainable materials increase the industrial competitiveness at national and international level with production of innovative parts with improved design, price and performance for the market of structural parts.


Tooling 4G

Advanced Tools for Smart Manufacturing

The driving project Tooling 4G fits into the CLUSTER ENGINEERING & TOOLING, which integrates a wide value chain (from design to final product) to respond to global customers that increasingly are looking for turn-key solutions. Companies intend with this driving project to strengthen their value chain, integrating themselves as part of the supply chains of global products (automotive, medical devices, aerospace, packaging, electronics, etc.).
Through the multiprocessing tools, the project aims to create a new molding tool paradigm capable of performing other technological operations other than injection moulding. This new solution will allow to obtain more complex products, in different materials, in the same production cycle or combining different technological processes in the same tool (mould), therefore assuming a multiprocess and multifunctional nature.